The Doylestown Bookshop Celebrates 25 Years

Pictured Above: Glenda Child with Irene. Photo Credit: Contributed. 



Doylestown, PA  Twenty-five years ago, in May 1998, Pat Gerney bought the bookshop from the Village
Green Bookstore, a chain based in Rochester, NY. Pat renamed it The Doylestown Bookshop with the desire that it would become a “hometown bookstore.” Throughout the ebook explosion, the big box store expansions, and the beginning of online shopping, The Doylestown Bookshop remained steady. Hosting Harry Potter midnight release parties, creating a space where families could bring their children to grow to love books, and supporting local authors when their first books were published.

That legacy continued when Glenda Childs purchased the Doylestown Bookshop from Pat in May 2012, a time when many people thought that brick-and-mortar bookstores were a thing of the past.

Pictured Above: The Doylestown bookstore located at 16 S. Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. Photo Credit: Contributed. 

Glenda was charmed by the bookshop and the town and felt that the community would respond if she brought in more author events, added book-related gift products, and continued supporting our local authors and the wonderful families that choose to raise their children kids with visits to our children’s department.

In 2017 Glenda opened The Lahaska Bookshop, a sister store to the Doylestown location in Peddler’s Village, and has continued to grow and nurture both bookstores. She is thrilled to celebrate The Doylestown Bookshop’s 25th Anniversary this month. The community is invited to share stories, mingle with booksellers, past and present, and raise a toast to the store’s continued success on Saturday, May 13th, from 1-3 PM. Local musician Bruce Malcolm will be on hand to provide music as we celebrate and reminisce about the past 25 years.

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