Gallery Episode Presents MULTI-LAYERED, Featuring Eight New Jersey Artists

Reported on Monday, February 26, 2024.

Pictured Above: JM Park – “How to Preserve Memories of Everyday, Coffee Drinking.”  Photo Credit: Contributed.



Leonia, NJ – Gallery Episode is pleased to present the group exhibition titled, “Multi-Layered” – an exhibition that prompts the viewer to reconsider the artwork as its own multi-layered individual. When the viewer sees a work of art, whether it be in a museum, a gallery, or even a studio, they only see what is placed in front of them – they can only view the work at that particular stage at that particular moment in time. But behind that “top layer” of which is visible, there are layers and layers of material, philosophies, experiences, research, and more. The physical work may not be immediately obvious to the viewer, but the hours of work (whether physically or emotionally) from the artist still exists without a doubt. Then come the questions: What do artists choose to conceal and reveal to the viewer? Is it the artist’s responsibility to reveal what is at the core of their work? How do the various layers work together to create the final piece?


“Multi-Layered” features the following eight artists from the local New Jersey area: Andrea della Cava, Harriet Finck, Jaea Jung, JM Park, Namsook Olivia Kwon, Rachel Pruzan, Susanna Bergtold, and Tina Chow Rudolf.

Pictured Above: Tina Chow Rudolf – “Untitled 2.”  Photo Credit: Contributed.

Driven by her interest in the dichotomy of organization and disorder in nature, Andrea della Cava process driven work attempts to balance color, form, line and texture through a variety of techniques that involve drawing, painting, collage, sewing/beading and wax resist. Harriet Flick’s paintings feature the world at a microscopic level: through cells and particles. Jaea Jung creates graphic imagery often featuring persimmons. JM Park’s work captures moments of the everyday mundanity of life as pockets of memories. With her work rooted in Christianity, Namsook Olivia Kwon considers herself a pilgrim of creating God’s masterpiece through layers of mixed media. Inspired by her inner world and driven by curiosity, Rachel Pruzan’s work comes from exploring the interplay of mediums, materials, and elements like fire and water. Susanna Bergtold reveals various figures through her relief wood carvings.  Using various mediums and textures, Tina Chow Rudolf’s paintings serve as a conduit of harmony, discord, transcendence, and integrity.

Pictured Above: Namsook Olivia Kwon – “God Makes a Way in the Wilderness.”  Photo Credit: Contributed.

Multi-Layered is open now and the exhibition will be on view through February 29, 2024.

Multi-Layered Exhibition Dates:

February 12 – February 29, 2024

Address: 330 Broad Ave. Leonia, NJ 07605

Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm

Pictured Above: “Departure” by Rachel Pruzan.  Photo Credit: Contributed.

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