July Artist Workshops: Inspire Creativity

Pictured Above: Scott Krycia, project photo. Photo Credit: Contributed. 



Milford, NJ – Makers Alley will host a series of Artist-to-Artist Makers Workshop Talks in July. Renowned artists Joe Coco, Scott Krycia, and Marti Brown will share their expertise. Joe Coco’s talk, “Moon Dreams of Earth,” on July 8th, will showcase his Full Moon Series. Scott Krycia will offer a night photography workshop on July 13th, teaching participants to capture stunning images in low light, with more sessions available! Marti Brown’s workshop on July 29th will explore the “Magic of Niobium” in jewelry making. Register in advance, open to all.

Painter Joe Coco returns to Makers Alley to share his artistic journey and present an artist’s talk entitled “Moon Dreams of Earth.” focusing on the 2nd part of his Full Moon Series. He will show his artistic images and discuss his materials, methods, and aesthetics. A rare artist who has combined visual talents with stellar accomplishments in music, Joe is the first artist in the history of the world to create the most extensive series on the moon. His Full Moon Series was started in 1972 and has continued for 50 years, always done in December at the full moon. In celebration of this 50th Anniversary, a 260-page color book was just published entitled, “I Paint The Moon.”

Photographer Scott Krycia will offer the first session of his Makers Workshop, “Dark Nights – An Introduction to Night Photography” on Saturday, July 13 from 7:30-9 p.m. The 3-session night photography class is an immersive experience that takes place after the sun goes down. Designed to teach students how to capture stunning images in low light conditions by exploring the art of night photography Scott will cover a range of topics including camera settings, exposure, composition, and lighting techniques. Students will learn how to use their cameras to take long exposures, capture the stars, and create beautiful light trails.

The three sessions that Scott is offering: 

Session 1: 7/13/23 at 7:30-9pm, Location: 34 Bridge St., Milford NJ

Session 2: 7/15/23 (rain date 7/16/23) 9-11pm, Location: TBD

Session 3: 7/20/23 at 7:30pm on Zoom

Pictured Above: Jewelry designer Marti Brown’s Rainforest Trio. Photo Credit: Contributed. 

Jewelry designer, Marti Brown was always interested in the arts and became a professional artist and craftsman after completing her BFA in jewelry making from Miami University in Oxford, OH. She has been designing jewelry for over 40 days. In her fist Makers Workshop, Marti will introduce participants to the “Magic of Niobium Creating Rainforest Leaf Earrings and Necklaces.” Niobium is a highly malleable metal

that is slow to work harden. It is a reactive metal that changes color when submerged in a soapy water bath and charged with electric current. The anodizing of the metal is where the magic happens with the possibility of a rainbow of colors. In this workshop you will learn the basic metal working techniques of cutting and fold forming to create leaf shapes and then colorfully anodize them.

For more details and information please visit: Artist to Artists Programs at https://makersalley.org/

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