Never Ending Sunset in Lambertville

Pictured Above: The mural painted by Hope Gaburo captures a beautiful sunset. Photo Credit: Jay Garrison.



Lambertville, NJ – With summer quickly approaching the Delaware River Towns, a full season of sunshine and art await these local river town communities. Lambertville- based artist and muralist Hope Gaburo, who has partnered with local landlords and community members Tom and Laura McMillan unveil their 20-foot mural on N Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey with the hopes of sparking a movement of public art in the iconic city on the river.

“We are honored for the opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks, and to also give something back through Hope’s artistic vision and passion for the project,” Laura McMillan remarks. The concept, the bridge at Sunset, is an iconic scene enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, and Tom had a vision of a sunset coming to life on the Niece Lumber building. 

“In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the support given by Bruce Currie and Niece Lumber, and we hope that this initiative will inspire others to create more public art in our community,” Tom adds. 

The vision birthed by both Gaburo and McMillan, was that the residents on N Union Street would look out their windows, and gaze upon a beautiful work of art rather than a concrete building. Local business Niece Lumber and owners Bruce and Mark Currie teamed with the two to bring this vision to life. Taking about four weeks production time and twelve gallons of paint, Gaburo finishes the 20 x 18 foot mural.

Pictured Above: Hope Gaburo with her masterpiece. Photo Credit: Jay Garrison.

“This is the largest I’ve ever worked,” Gaburo remarks. “This was definitely a challenge for sure, but one that I am insanely grateful for.” The melting sunset colors with the bridge and the river reflecting the fiery skies is what you can expect to see here at dusk during summer nights here on the river. “I think Tom and I both had a vision of providing the residents and people on this strip with something they resonate with,” Gaburo adds. “Something that would mean something to them, that they could relate to, and would inspire them.”  

Laura and Tom McMillan reflect back on the tragic fire that struck their home in 1994 here in Lambertville. “Twenty-eight years ago, volunteer firefighters saved our home, and this block, from a raging fire at Niece Lumber, the site of this mural,” Laura comments. “May 25th after a heavy lightning storm, 25,000 square feet of valuable warehouse space was engulfed in flames. Inventory and structure loss totaled over two million dollars. Luckily Chief Ron Tillet Jr. and his Columbia Fire Company were on a nearby corner when the blaze shot through the roof.” [Niece Lumber] Former Fire Chief Ron Tillet’s Daughter and longtime Lambertville local, Cynthia Strauss, who currently resides in the N Union Street property the mural is located- was the one who brought Gaburo and McMillan together.

“Cindy is a longtime family friend, and I think this story truly highlights the beauty of this community of us all coming together to create something beautiful,” Gaburo says. 

Hope’s artistic works are inspired by and based off of the community around her. Community is one of Gaburo’s biggest inspirations- working directly off of photographs her close friend and Lambertville local, Jay Garrison, captures of their one-of-a-kind home on the river. The concept of the mural was inspired by one of Garrison’s original photographs taken directly outside of the Lambertville Station.

Pictured Above: Hope Gaburo with Tom and Laura McMillan. Photo Credit: Jay Garrison.

“I’d like to think of this mural as a piece for the community, by the community. This was truly an artistic vision shared by many of us, and without them, this wouldn’t have happened. I was just the one who got to paint it,” Gaburo remarks. 

You can find this lifesize and photo-realistic mural on the back of one of Niece Lumber’s buildings in Lambertville, directly off of N Union Street and in one of the back alley ways on your way to Bell’s Tavern, just a few doors down. Head back to the wooden gate, and from there you can gaze upon the never-ending sunset. 

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