New Hope Public Sculpture Program Renews for its 20th Anniversary

Axis Mundi, by Harry Gordon has been installed at First National Bank & Trust Co. of Newtown this week in Solebury, PA, shown here the Installation team at work moving the massive stone and bronze sculpture.  Photo Credit: Contributed. 


(NEW HOPE, PA)  – New Hope Arts is expanding the Outdoor Sculpture Project celebrating 20 years of our commitment to public art. For the 20th anniversary the renamed Public Sculpture Program, is on the move. The latest installation, Harry Gordon’s Axis Mundi, “landed” on Sunday, March 5, hosted by First National Bank & Trust Co. of Newtown’s Solebury branch at 408 Lower York Rd., New Hope.  The massive stone and bronze artwork was installed by Gordon Sculpture, L.L.C. of Lambertville with a second larger crane provided by Andrew Logan of Sky Boom Service L.L.C. of Brooklyn, NY. 

Axis Mundi, by Harry Gordon has been installed at First National Bank this week in New Hope, PA.  Photo Credit: Contributed. 

Public sculpture in New Hope begun in 2003 with an initiative by New Hope Art’s founder Robin Larsen and other supportive New Hope residents, is distinguished as one of the first public art programs in the region. New Hope Arts administers the program, chaired and supported by Pamm Kerr, New Hope resident. Additional placements and site sponsorships are available. 

For information see and New Hope Arts is located at 2 Stockton Ave. New Hope, PA.

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