Princeton Makes Artist Cooperative to Host Art At Night party on Saturday, March 9

Friday, March 8, 2024.

Pictured Above: Art by Zohar Lavi-Hasson, a Princeton Makes ceramicist. Photo Credit: Contributed.



Princeton, NJ – a Princeton-based artist cooperative, will host the Art at NIght – an evening art making party, on Saturday, March 9th from 6:30 to 11:00 pm at its artist studios and art market in the Princeton Shopping Center. 

The Art party will feature creative activities for children and adults, open drawings of live models (dressed till 10, nude after 10), artists working in their studio, refreshments, live music by Dharmasoul , and a raffle in which people can win artwork from Princeton Makes artists.

Zohar Lavi-Hasson, a Princeton Makes ceramicist, noted “We’re excited to host for the second time a community event of art and music, where people can create, and connect with each other.”

Princeton Makes is a cooperative comprised of 40 local artists who work across a range of artistic genres, including painting, drawing, stained glass, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and jewelry. Customers will be able to support local artists by shopping for a wide variety of art, including large paintings, prints, custom-made greeting cards, stained glass lamps and window hangings, jewelry in a variety of designs and patterns, and more. 

Additional information is available at, and everyone is invited to follow Princeton Makes on Facebook and Instagram.

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