Multimedia artist and printmaker Chee Bravo receives first of its kind Award at the 93rd Phillips Mill Juried Art Show.  Photo Credit:  Contributed

The 93rd Phillips Mill Art Juried Art Show Presents First Diversity Award


The annual Phillips Mill Juried Art Show which attracts International submissions year after year has presented 19 awards, yet with a new Award of its kind being the “Award for a Work of that Recognizes, Depicts and Celebrates Diversity in America” given by Mary and Herbert Flamer.  Over 500 submissions came in this year for the 93rd show and only 100 were selected by the Mill.

The artist recipient for this new award given by Mary and Herbert Flamer was multimedia artist and printmaker Chee Bravo.  Bravo received her BFA in printmaking at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and received multiple awards throughout her career. Her prints and paintings can be found in the Trenton City Museum & Mercer County Culture & Heritage permanent collections, NJ, the FIU permanent collection, FL, the Brooklyn Art Library, NY, Frontline Arts of NJ and private collections. She is a 2022 recipient of a New Jersey Council on the Arts Fellowship. She lives and works in Trenton, New Jersey.  

The 93rd Juried Art Show at Phillips Mill runs through October 30th.

Other Award artist recipients can be found listed at:

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