All That Is Mine I Carry With Me (pictured above) by William Landay is a page-turning, fabulously written suspense novel that is well worth the wait – stated Claudine Wolk Literary Contributor for Arts News Now

Weekend Read by Claudine Wolk: "All That Is Mine I Carry With Me" by William Landay

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All That Is Mine I Carry With Me by William Landay is his long-waited “next book.” Readers may remember his smash-hit novel and later mini-series, Defending Jacob from 2012. It’s eleven years later, and his latest release does not disappoint.

Plot Summary

Combining true crime, police procedural and family drama, All That Is Mine I Carry With Me is a page-turning, fabulously written suspense novel that is well worth the wait.


Dan Larkin’s wife, Jane Larkin, is missing.  The youngest of their three children, Miranda, eleven, a fifth grader, comes home from school on a Wednesday afternoon in November 1975, much as usual.  Instead of hearing her Mom’s voice return to her after yelling, “I’m Home,” however, she hears silence.  Her mom’s purse is where she always leaves it but as night falls and her two older brothers (Alex and Jeff) and her father come home, mom is still missing, 


The obvious suspect becomes the husband, Dan Larkin.  Although the detective in charge, Tom Glover, carries out a thorough investigation, “The one mistake he would not make was to give up too soon,” there simply is not enough evidence to indict Dan.  


The novel continues to tell the tale of the aftermath of Jane’s disappearance and explores what happens to her family when the shadow of doubt on the head of the family looms heavy over the years. The family dynamic is further strained because each member has differing views on Dan’s involvement in Jane’s disappearance. The reader is steered from clue to clue through the telling of the past as well as the details of the aftermath of Jane’s disappearance.  This ever-unfolding mystery is further enhanced through use of different narrators.


The different points of view, include that of the missing mom, Jane Larkin, as well as from Jeff Larkin (middle son), Miranda Larkin (daughter), Dan Larkin (husband/father) and finally a family-friend novelist, Phil. Phil, an old school friend of Jeff’s, tries to pull out of his own writing slump to record the disappearance story years later. Each narrator takes turns in telling the story – their story.


The narration by Jane Larkin is especially poignant.  Jane’s subtle and dry humor is fun and engaging. Landay has a talent for writing dialogue.  It’s captivating.  His writing in the female voice is particularly sensational. As I read, I marveled at his ability to write women so well.  It is a skill that I remembered when I read Defending Jacob.


Landay’s ability to perfectly capture life and references in the 1970’s and 80’s added depth and interest to the story as well – i.e., tarragon chicken and the Mike Douglas show! What child of the 70’s and 80’s does not remember The Mike Douglas Show? I can hear the intro music in my head right now!

Overall Assessment:

Landay’s eleven-year delay in releasing his latest novel after Defending Jacob (2012) has been much touted by the media.  In a recent podcast interview with Sarah from Sarah’s Bookshelves, Landay commented on the delay encouraging his readers to try not to put too much stock in it. He simply wanted to take his time to create another good book.” Read it. Enjoy it.” He simply stated.  


I did just that.  This is one of those books that I did not want to end.  It is so well written and such a great story that I would find myself putting it down and saving it for when I deserved a treat.  I mean it.  It’s that good. Savor this perfectly-paced novel with a satisfying and “reading group’s dream” ending.  Hopefully, we will not have to wait eleven years for Landay’s next contribution.


Title: All That Is Mine I Carry With Me

Author: William Landay

Pub Date: March, 2023

Publisher: Bantam Books 

Page Count: 336 pp

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