ACME Screening Room Presents-- "The Lost Weekend" Film with a Q&A with May Pang on Saturday, May 20th, 6pm

Pictured Above: Film Poster for “The Lost Weekend, A Love Story”.  Photo Credit:  Contributed.


(Lambertville, NJ) – Join the Acme Screening Room on May 20 and 21 for two very special events. On May 20, at 6pm, May Pang will hold a Q&A after a screening of “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story”. In the film, May Pang takes us on a deeply emotional journey through her 18 month relationship with John Lennon that would shape her life and reinvigorate one of the greatest figures in music. Featuring interviews with famed rocker Alice Cooper, Apple Records manager Tony King, and legendary drummer Jim Keltner, and leading to a surprising and emotional ending, The Lost Weekend is a funny, touching and vibrant portrait of first love, produced and directed by Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman and Stuart Samuels.

Pictured Above: Pang with Lennon.  Photo Credit:  Contributed.

In honor of Pride Weekend on Sunday May 21 at 3pm, we will screen the documentary “Queerying Nature”. Partly filmed in Lambertville, NJ and featuring local artist Gwenn Seemel, join us for a post screening QnA with Gwenn. In the animal world, sexuality and gender are diverse. In other words: being queer is natural. There are thousands of cases of homosexual birds, transgender fish, non-binary animals, polyamorous families… So what happened? Has our outlook changed? “Queerying Nature” intertwines the words of Vinciane Despret, philosopher, Camille Pier and Gwen Seemel, artists, and biologists and ethologists to explode the idea of a sexual or gender norm. Nature is much more queer than us.

About the ACME Screening Room

ACME Screening Room is a nonprofit weekend theater that presents classic, independent, and documentary films to educate and inspire. Housed in a former supermarket in Lambertville, NJ, ACME is a space where audiences come together to discuss contemporary ideas presented through the world of film. As a cultural resource for the community, we invite participation through guest speakers and discussions; partnerships with local businesses and organizations; supporting new projects by artists and filmmakers; and screening films that reflect the diversity of our audience.  

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