Pictured Above: The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Gifts for the Creative Soul this Holiday Season

By: Amy Masgay

December 11, 2023.  

Although there’s no bad time to show someone you care, there’s something special about gift giving around the holidays. This is the time to put extra thought into gifts for loved ones, and the joy we want to bring into the new year.

Still, we know that some people are trickier to buy for than others. Luckily, for the art and culture lover, Arts News Now can serve as a one-stop inspiration shop for gifts to fit any art niche at most price ranges.

This gift guide is unique in that you won’t find any physical objects to purchase. While there is no shortage of beautiful galleries and boutiques with handcrafted works to share this holiday season, especially in Bucks, Hunterdon, and Philadelphia Counties, we understand that picking out a piece of art can be a very personal endeavor, and not everyone wants more stuff for the holidays.

More and more, people are opting for the gift of an experience, of creating memories, of trying something new.

For example, memberships and subscription packages to local art institutions are the gifts that keep on giving all year long! Workshops and classes are a fantastic way to cultivate new talents and meet other creatives. Gift cards are also available at many of these organizations as well, in addition to shop items, just in case you do want something special for them to unwrap.

We have recommendations for the kids in your life too, because it’s never too early to nurture a love of the arts and learning! Who knows what they might inspire?

All of the organizations listed in this Holiday Helper are local businesses, and most are nonprofits. The holidays are an important time to keep our dollars local, so let’s get creative during this season of giving!

For the PERFORMING ARTS lover…

If you or your loved one loves to settle in for a good show, becoming a subscriber to a local theatre is the best way to save money on more tickets!

Pictured Above: The stage of Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville, NJ. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville, New Jersey


In addition to gift certificates, which can be used to purchase tickets for any performance, Music Mountain Theatre offers five different subscription options for 2024! Subscribers also get to vote in the annual Music Mountain Theatre Awards (the Mounties!).


  • -10 Show Young Audience Series Package, $90
  • -5 Show Mainstage Package, $150
  • -10 Show Mainstage Package for Senior Citizens, $250
  • -10 Show Mainstage Package, $290
  • -15 Show Mainstage Package, $435

Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, Pennsylvania


Choose your performance with Bucks County Playhouse’s subscription package, which includes one ticket to each of their four season shows, plus other perks, including discounts on additional tickets. Bucks County Playhouse also offers Sub Under 40 packages for theatre-goers who are 40 years of age or under.

Pictured Above: A scene from A Few Good Men at Bristol Riverside Theatre. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Bristol Riverside Theatre, Bristol, Pennsylvania


Bristol Riverside Theatre offers two possible subscription options for their 2023-2024 season. Plus, as an extra benefit, subscribers get to come back to the theatre to see repeat performances at no charge!


  • -4 Show Pack Subscription
  • -BRT Flex Pass

Pictured Above: The Philadelphia Ballet. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Philadelphia Ballet, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Enjoy a minimum of three different ballets with one of the five possible subscription packages at the Philadelphia Ballet!

  • -Create Your Own Package
  • -The Classic Package
  • -The Romance Package
  • -The Variety Package
  • -Curtain Pass Create Your Own (Curtain Pass is reserved for Young Friends of Philadelphia Ballet members, 45 years of age or under)

For the MUSIC lover…

Giving the gift of music will always make you popular amongst your creative gift recipients! From piano or drum lessons to concerts, your music lovers will indeed be engaged and entertained throughout the year, creating or experiencing!

Pictured Above: Concordia Chamber Players during a concert in Solebury, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Concordia Chamber Players features award-nominated and winning Grammy musicians atop its intimate chamber stages in Solebury and New Hope, PA. Concerts presented are a unique curation of familiar and lesser-known works, with each musical piece telling an intriguing story. The nonprofit organization recently released a new album led by the Artistic Director, Michelle Djokic. A Concordia Chamber Players subscription makes for the perfect cultural routine for a music aficionado.


-Single tickets cost $35 and special subscriptions can be found on Concordia’s website

An established music school located now in Stockton, NJ, Canal Studios is an active collective of professional musicians and instructors who offer 30-minute lessons and more within various music genres, including classical, jazz, folk, rock, and pop. With pianos onsite and other instruments appointed for lease, lesson ages can start as early as 6 years old, with the age limit being endless!


-Private 30-minute to 60-minute lessons are available, as well as group lessons which can be packaged monthly or ongoing, starting at $175 for a package of four sessions.

Pictured Above: The Princeton Symphony Orchestra, Princeton, NJ. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Princeton Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is a cultural centerpiece of the Princeton community and one of New Jersey’s finest music organizations.  The organization handdelivers delicately some of the world’s most innovative music by living composers.  Programming is throughout the year with an annual festival that perfectly kicks off summer.  PSO, the only independent, professional orchestra has made its home in Princeton, performing at the historic Richardson Auditorium on the campus of Princeton University.


-Individual tickets start at $35

-Ticket packages and subscriptions prices vary and special prices are available for children

For the CINEMA lover…

Do we smell popcorn? These movie theatres offer so much more than just movies, new or classic, so consider gifting a membership!

The Newtown Theatre, Newtown Pennsylvania


When someone becomes a member at The Newtown Theatre, not only will they receive discounted tickets to concerts, movies, documentaries, family programs, and special events, but also a discount to rent the theatre as an event venue, plus free popcorn at comedy shows and Newtown Arts Company productions!


  • -Senior Individual Membership, $40
  • -Individual Membership, $45
  • -Senior Couple Membership, $60
  • -Couple Membership, $70
  • -Family of Three, Four, or Five Membership, $125

Pictured Above: The County Theater, Doylestown, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

The County Theater, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

The County Theater is lousy with membership options, the perks of which also include discounts on venue and marquee rentals, as well as reduced admission prices and free admission to many special programs!


Basic Memberships

  • -Individual Senior, $40
  • -Individual Young Person, $40
  • -Individual, $50
  • -Dual Seniors, $65
  • -Dual, $75

Sustaining Memberships

  • -Senior Individual Producer, $100
  • -Individual Producer, $110
  • -Senior Couple Producer, $130
  • -Couple Producer, $150
  • -Senior Couple Executive Producer, $200
  • -Couple Executive Producer, $220
  • VIP Memberships
  • -Mogul, $500
  • -Angel, $1,000
  • -Icon, $5,000

Pictured Above: The Acme Screening Room, Lambertville, NJ. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Acme Screening Room, Lambertville, New Jersey


From discounts to attend the Annual Halloween Film Festival to free movie passes, the membership packages offered by the Acme Screening Room offer great savings and entertainment!


  • -Individual Membership, $40
  • -Dual Membership, $75
  • -Patron Membership, $140
  • -Annual Pass, $130
  • -Annual Pass +1, $200
  • -Annual Pass Family & Friends, $300

For the MUSEUM lover…

Museums aren’t just for class trips anymore! Spend the day getting lost in art, history, or immersive spaces, plus additional perks when you become a member!

Pictured Above: The Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


In addition to gift certificates, the Philadelphia Museum of Art offers a wide range of membership levels! You can also visit the famed Rocky statue while you’re at it!



  • -Student, $25
  • -Artist, $40
  • -Member, $75
  • -Member Plus, $125
  • -Keystone, $250


Museum Circle

  • -Sustainer, $500
  • -Sponsor, $1,000
  • -Patron, $1,500
  • The Associates
  • -Associate Member, $2,500
  • -Associate Sponsor, $5,000


Chairman’s Council

-Chairman’s Council Member, $10,000

  • -Chairman’s Council Member Plus, $15,000
  • -Chairman’s Council Patron, $25,000
  • -Chairman’s Council Benefactor, $50,000
  • -Chairman’s Council Leadership Circle, $100,000

Pictured Above: The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania


For art exhibitions focusing on the cultural heritage of the Delaware Valley, there’s no place better than the Michener Art Museum. New to the Michener is a special membership level just for students!


Basic Levels

  • -Student, $20
  • -Individual, $50
  • -Dual, $70
  • -Household, $90
  • -Contributor, $125


Premier Levels

  • -Sustaining, $250
  • -Patron, $500
  • -Michener Circle, $1,000
  • -Benefactor’s Circle, $2,500

Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, New Jersey


If your loved one’s style gears more toward contemporary art, look no further than Hunterdon Art Museum!

  • -Student, $35
  • -Military Personnel, $35
  • -Artist, $45
  • -Senior, $45
  • -Individual, $55
  • -Military Family, $65
  • -Family, $75
  • -Contributor, $125
  • -Sponsor, $250
  • -Patron, $500
  • -Benefactor, $1,000

Pictured Above: Wonderspaces exhibit. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Wonderspaces, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Wonderspaces creates immersive and interactive art experiences that are also great for kids! The only membership level is just $60!

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Spark curiosity and discovery in the world of science and technology at The Franklin Institute. Visitors to The Franklin Institute get to witness exhibitions from all over the world, and kids will never want to leave!


  • -Dual Membership, $89
  • -Family, $175
  • -FamilyMAX, $219
  • -Innovators, $300
  • -Friends Circle, $400
  • -Patrons Circle, $600
  • -Discoverers Circle, $1,000
  • -Benefactor Partner, $1,500
  • -Benefactor Supporter, $3,000
  • -Benefactor Leader, $5,000
  • -President’s Circle, $15,000
  • -President’s Circle, $25,000
  • -President’s Circle, $50,000

For the NATURE lover…

Give the gift of a beautiful day or evening spent outdoors, where nature itself becomes an artful experience!

Pictured Above: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


Longwood Gardens offers a magical experience surrounded by the carefully cultivated exhibitions of seasonal landscapes, as well as hosting regular performances by international musicians of the highest caliber. Gift cards are also available, as well as various membership levels!


  • -Gardens1, $90
  • -Gardens2, $145
  • -Gardens5, $200
  • -Gardens Preferred, $315
  • -Gardens Premium, $575

Pictured Above: The Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey


Grounds for Sculpture is a sculpture garden unlike any other where hours can be spent among art and nature combined!


  • -Young Adult (18-25) Individual, $45
  • -Individual, $95
  • -Individual Plus, $150
  • -Family, $175
  • -Family Plus, $215
  • -Contributor, $350
  • -Sustainer, $500
  • -Benefactor, $1,500
  • -Youth Add-On, $40
  • -Adult Add-On, $60


An appreciation for art and culture is something any child could benefit from, and when the toy box is overflowing, a unique experience could be the perfect way to make some new memories together.

Pictured Above: A scene from Music Mountain Theatre’s Annie on the children’s stage. Photo Credit: Sourced.

Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville, New Jersey


The Young Audience Series at Music Mountain Theatre is a fantastic way to introduce children to the performing arts. With fifteen shows running over the course of 2024, $90 for a season membership will always ensure something fun to do on a Saturday!

Pictured Above: The Bucks County Children’s Museum, New Hope, PA. Photo Credit: Sourced.

The Bucks County Children’s Museum, New Hope, Pennsylvania


The Bucks County Children’s Museum inspires learning through play and serves as a resource for imaginative discovery for all children. Gift certificates are also available!


  • -Grandparent Gift Membership – $75
  • -Bring 4 Gift Membership, $90
  • -Bring 6 Reciprocal Gift Membership, $125

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Engaging exhibits where discovery through physical interaction is encouraged, The Please Touch Museum empowers children to embrace their own curiosity!


  • -Family of Three, $160
  • -Family of Four, $185
  • -Family PLUS, $235
  • -Family DELUXE, $310

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